Alien Species

Zyzzybalubah is an alien who meets Pee Wee Herman. Zyzzybalubah first makes Conky make the secret word of the day "Zyzzybalubah" (he later claims that it is an honor that Pee-wee made the secret word his name, but we clearly know otherwise). He later transports the playhouse to his planet, so he can have "friends" (slaves, really). However, his mean, domineering actions make the playhouse friends not like him very much. He learns to be nice and makes friends in the end. It is strongly implied that he is the tyrannical ruler of the planet that he forces the playhouse denizens to visit, as he locks Yvona in a cage and forces her to serve him. However, after realizing his mistakes, he becomes a much gentle ruler and presumably makes Yvona his consort. In one scene, two ant warriors are at his flank, but they just float uselessly and do not respond to what their master is saying.

His home base is a mysterious crystalline structure of unknown construction, though it only appears in two scenes. His window to other planets and temporal dimensions is a crystal ball-like "viewing globe" of sorts. He also seems to have a technological interest in Conky, as he was the one that brainwashed him.

His initial attitude and personality makes him similar in personality and mannerisms to Zim from Nickelodeon's Invader ZIM (which was created years after this episode was filmed).


Zyzzy's personality was initially loud-spoken, controlling, domineering and forceful. However, this attitude is actually the result of loneliness from being disliked by everyone on his planet.