The Zyrgonians are a humanoid race from the planet Zyrgon.


Zyrgonians have special powers such as levitation, simulations, and kinetics. They love gambling and live on an ultra-modern and dystopian planet.


The planet Zyrgon, ruled by the galactic police called The Law-Enforcers. They are after Mortimer, who has cheated the government lottery for the 27th time in a row. His family is governed by the youngest daughter, 12-year-old X, who wants to save her father from the detention centre. The family also includes Mother, who would rather design clothing and leave all worries to her daughter X. The oldest sister Dovis is a cosmic flier who writes poetry and levitates. The youngest is a boy genius, Qwrk who is a professor at age 8. X is the lead character: a stressed girl who has to balance between strange Earth customs such as school and her duty to take care of her family.


The story focuses on an alien family who seek refuge on Earth, in the small town of Bellwood.

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Halfway Across The Galaxy And Turn Left theme

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