The Zygerrians were a race of humanoids was known more for its legacy of slavery than anything else. Native to the remote world of Zygerria, the Zygerrians developed their slave trade over centuries, and they eventually enslaved many Outer Rim planets. The people they captured were sold for huge profits, giving the Zygerrian leaders the resources and the boldness to begin trading in those systems that were under the control of the Galactic Republic. This brought them to the attention of the Jedi Order, which was asked to put a stop to the predations of the Zygerrians. The Jedi swiftly smashed the Zygerrian syndicate, but the Zygerrian people were able to recover from this defeat and rebuild their empire. In short order, they had established the far-reaching Zygerrian Slavers Guild, which provided a ready source of slaves as well as bounty-hunting services. When the Clone Wars broke out across the galaxy, the Zygerrian queen sided with the Separatists.

The average Zygerrian was distinguished by their sallow skin and red hair. The ears of both male and female Zygerrians were large and pointed, although the males had a pair of short tusks that protruded from their chins, and were physically much larger than the females. The forehead of the male Zygerrian was studded with small horns, while the females of the species had just two small knobs above their eyes and two smaller knobs on the bridge of the nose. The nose of an average Zygerrian was flat and pig-like in appearance.

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