Zybahhod Yenyoni

The Zybahhod Yenyoni are a sapient species native to the Zybahhod system, located in the Outer Rim. They are also found on the desert world of Tatooine, along with the native Tusken Raiders, Jawas, Trooshti and Mole Creatures. Like the latter, the Zybahhod Yenyoni are cryptic and poorly known, as they prefer to inhabit caves during the day and usually have little to no contact with other sapients.

The Zybahhod Yenyoni are slender, man-sized humanoids with white skin and round yellow eyes. They also have five-fingered hands and a stubby short tail. They are effectively adapted for life in their dry environment, as they can tolerate the extreme temperatures of the desert and are equipped with special salt glands behind their eyes. These are used to excrete the excess of salt that comes from the brackish water which they must consume. Their skin lacks sweet glands, since they must retain as much water as possible within their bodies.

They are described as semi-nocturnal and their society is mostly tribal. Little is known of their culture, other than that they play a musical instrument called udjudg, which is played not with the mouth but with the Y-shaped naso-facial opening on their faces. They seem to wear practically no clothing, but carry their young in pouches worn on their backs.

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