The Zuyua are a sapient species of humanoids who inhabit the planet of the same name. They come from the mexican Space-Opera comic Karma Trón y los Transformables
Zacek by saskunah-d4oop1p

Society and CultureEdit

Zuyua resemble humans strongly, having similar skin tones and  hair colors, but are otherwise a very advanced spacefaring civilization with strong advances on the fields of technology and spirituality. They are among the most ancient species of the known galaxy.

Zuyua possess a strong moral compass and constantly promote peace and kindness across the cosmos. Because of this, the Zuyua funded the organization known as G.A.U, the Great Universal Alliance, created for the purpose to establish positive relations with other species. However, the peace-loving ways of the Zuyua meant they had a relatively small army made of dedicated soldiers, and their combat ships were not equipped with sufficiently efficient armour. This turned out to be a major problem for them when their planet was invaded by the Metnalite army. War survivors fled the planet on a ship called Atlantis. The Zuyua would eventually reclaim their homeworld with the help of their G.A.U allies, who provided them with the TAO warships and most importantly, taught them how to tap into the power of the titular Transformables (The Stellar Warriors)

Known IndividualsEdit

  • Prince Zacek
  • Nazul
  • Canilek
  • Lis-Ek
  • Dhatú
  • Bantar
  • Elnar
  • Dinorah
  • Aspier
  • Pakal
  • Dhyrla
  • Laret
  • Blasto
  • Dorián


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