The Zumakans or the Hazbuzan as many call them are a race of amphibianoid criminals who hail from the heavily polluted savannah planet that is Zumaka. The Zumakans resemble that of horned toads of earth. Their long mouths and tongue are certainly similar in appearance and have one eye on each side of their head.

Reptilian massive 11

The species collective history has all but been forgotten due to government failure and the rise of a criminal organization known as the Hazbuzan Syndicate. What began as small time criminal gang, the Hazbuzan were building their criminal empire on every illegal activity imaginable. As they warred with other rival gangs they eventually began to out grow the criminal underworld and sought to legitimize their business. They then began making a name for themselves by delivering answers and solutions that were quicker, cheaper but dirtier than what their competition and the government had to offer. The Syndicate's destructive tactics and questionable sales techniques often earned them the reputation of a word known as a "hazboozling". While the Hazbuzan Syndicate was basking in its success, the global Zumakan government was overall failing. Combating corruption and crime everyday the government couldn't hold together any longer and society fell into total anarchy. The Hazbuzan, seeing their opportunity leap into the minds of the general public with a well timed marketing campaign. They situated themselves as Zumaka's last hope for the future. The cheering crowds were then "hazboozled" bought on a promise that was a deceptive lie.

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