Zoomers are a species of round, spiky-shelled mollusks in the Metroid Universe. They are native to multiple planets, including Zebes, Tallon IV, Arcterra and Alinos. They are generally considered to be vermin by sapient species, as they breed rapidly and are notorious for carrying diseases.


Zoomers are semi-spherical in shape, and much of their body is protected by a spiky shell, save their underside and a gap located at the front of their body, where they have a cluster of sixteen eyes and a pair of small, sharp mandibles. They are not intelligent, and only possess a basic nerve system that allows them to sense food nearby.

Zoomers are passive creatures, and their only defenses are the sharp spikes that protrude from their semi-spherical shells. However, this does not protect them from projectile weaponry. They are generally encountered in abundance, and are capable of crawling on any surface.

They are close cousins to the more powerful Geemers.

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