General Information
Homeworld [Overworld]
Habitat Any habitat
Locomotion Bipedal
Diet Flesh
Lifespan Undead
Behavior Hostile
Language Moans and groans
Reproduction Assimilation via infection
Subspecies/Races Husk
Zombie Pigmen
Zombie Villager
Racial Abilities Infecting villagers
Status Extant
Behind the Scenes
Universe Minecraft Universe

Zombies are a species of undead sapient or non-sapient cannibals found in the Minecraft Universe that live in The Overworld.

History Edit

In Minecraft, zombies are one of many creatures that are known for attacking humans alongside Skeletons and Spiders. They have little to no intelligence but are still able to, at times, utilize swords and wear armor. Zombies in Minecraft usually attack their enemies in large hoards, overwhelming any 'non-infected' individuals they come into contact with. Though Zombies are unable to infect other humans they come in contact with, they are able to infect Horses and Villagers. A species similar to the zombie, though not an actual zombie, is the Husk.

Subspecies Edit

Zombies are known for having various other subspecies within its race, similar to other zombie infections in other universes, such as The Flood.

Baby Zombie Edit

Chicken zombie

A Baby Zombie riding a Chicken

Baby Zombies are smaller versions of the standard Minecraft Zombie. They are faster, and tend to do slightly more damage than a normal zombie and are also known for mounting Chickens and using them to ride into battle, like a horse.

Zombie villager

An infected Villager pastor

Zombie Villager Edit

Zombie Villagers are a subspecies of the standard Zombie that was created when a Zombie infects a Villager. They are the only species of zombie that can be cured of their infection via a Golden Apple and a Potion of Weakness. Baby Zombie Villagers can also be created when a young Villager is infected.

Giant Zombie Edit

Giant Zombies are a massive sub-species of the Minecraft zombie. They are much larger than the standard zombie, being relatively peaceful until provoked.

Zombie Horses Edit

Zombie horse

Zombie Horses are a species of undead horses, probably infected by the Minecraft Zombies. Unlike other zombies in Minecraft, however, Zombie Horses are peaceful and do not attack humans. In fact, some Zombie Horses can be tamed by humans and used as mounts like normal non-infected horses.


Husk Edit


A husk

Husks are zombies that inhabit desert habitats of the overworld. They have some differences to regular zombies, for example, they are slightly taller, they can survive in sunlight and can inflict poison damage.

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