The Zombies from Aperture Science are a xenoform, the result of involuntary-experimentation, performed on human test-subjects in-and-under Port Hope, Michigan; at the Aperture Science Enrichment Center. The company is a decades-later business-entity(/subsidiary?) that developed from the company Aperture which was founded as a shower curtain manufacturer.


Special zombies

The Special Infected, from Left to Right: (1) Charger (2) Hunter/Watchman (3) Spitter (4) Jockey (a juvenile Tank) (5) Tank (6) Witch (7) Boomer (8) Smoker

Their culture is:

They are known assilimators; visitors can be warned the zombies will attempt to eat them, on sight/alert; as with most biot-infections.

Disease Origins (case-specific)Edit

The disease that causes the necrosis that arrives at the biot-infection initially infested via the Xen Dimensional Rift experiment; and experienced forced-covergance with Moon Dust, hybridizing the virus (in Aperture Science experiments; claimed to have been an Ebola, modified at Aperture).

The disease is synonymous with the Rage Virus.

Appearances Edit

  • Half-Life: Day One
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