The Zodat were a race from another dimension accessed by the transdimensional network.

Biology Edit

They were humanoids beings with grey skin and green pupils.

History Edit

According to the archives the Zodat began with a great period of unrest but the Great Lawmaker Motis Priam, passed the Thirty-Two Precepts of Compassion ending the conflict.

The Zodat were one of the many victims of the interdimensional traveling Brotherhood who tricked them with peaceful occupation, allowing their armies to conquer and devour the Zodat. To prevent other worlds from falling to the same fate the Zodat destroyed their transdimensional gate, and left a message to warn any others of their fate. The entire Zodat race was rendered extinct after the Brotherhood devoured them as a food supply.

Culture Edit

By all accounts the Zodat were a peaceful, technologically advanced civilization.

According to a historian, they began with great unrest until the Thirty-Two Precepts of Compassion were passed down. They then became a race of strict pacifists, shunning warfare and focusing on art, science and beauty.

Their shunning of warfare would ultimately prove to be a fatal mistake, as they were unable to defend themselves from the Brotherhood when they invaded.

Source Edit

  • TMNT: S04E18 Trouble with Augie
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