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The Zllyphan are an evil inter-dimensional race of conquerors in the Palladium Rifts Megaverse roleplaying universe. Beings whom are malevolent manipulators.

Description[edit | edit source]

Zllyphans are sentient beings of energy which appear as a giant blue and white energy sphere the size of a house. Electric-like energy is seen crackling on its body and around the sphere. The average lifespan of a Zllyphan is 120,000 years.

Powers[edit | edit source]

As beings of energy they can fire energy blasts of great destructive power. They also have psionic abilities and are able to use magic. It's energy form is so resilient it is able to survive a 6.5 Megaton nuke (though it would be gravely wounded).

Like their rivals the Splugorth, they can splinter their life force into many smaller fragments. They send these fragments into other dimensions and all of them are directed and controlled by the primary life essence.

Zllyphan have the ability to possess the recently dead and bring them back to life. The corpse is controlled by the fragment, and does not appear like one of the resurrected undead (e.g. vampires or zombies). To others the walking, talking, and breathing corpse looks like any other living being. It can eat and drink, can have intimate relations, and so on.

Weapons created from the Millennium Tree inflict twice the damage on a Zllyphan as a directed energy weapon (e.g. particle beam) or a conventional projectile weapon (e.g. missile). Psionics, magical items, supernatural beings, magical creatures, and magic all inflict full damage on a Zllyphan unlike energy weapons or conventional projectiles.

Earth[edit | edit source]

Thousands of years ago a Zllyphan by the name of Zazshan had come to Earth during the early Dark Ages (post-Roman Empire) and planned to conquer the world. He established himself on the British Isles and manipulated the Celtic-Roman peoples on it via one of his meat puppets (Myrrlyn, aka "Merlin"), creating the kingdom of Camelot.

Due to the Atlantean cataclysm thousands of years earlier, magic on Earth acted in unpredictable ways and Zazshan lost control of the kingdom of Camelot and became trapped deep in the Earth in a crystal chamber. The eruption of ley lines over a thousand years later awakened him.

Zazshan has resurrected the kingdom of Camelot and to ensure success is using three bodies this time - Myrrlyn (the benevolent sorcerer), the Lady of the Lake (the force of goodness), and Lady Guinevere (King Arr'thuu's beautiful wife) to manipulate the king (Arr'thuu) he has chosen and therefore the realm itself. He is being patient, using the Kingdom of Camelot to "unite" (conquer) the British Isles, after which he plans to conquer Europe and then the world.

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