General Information
Homeworld Zirkon
Height "Knee-High" (~ 2 ft, or 61 cm)
Diet Carnivorous
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Aliens in the Attic

The Zirkonians are a species of short, sapient bipeds presumably indigenous to the planet Zirkon. They are known for their pride which causes them to underestimate potential foes.


Zirkonians are tridactyl organisms - possessing three phalanges on each limb - and have a six-limb anatomy. Two of these limb sets are set up as arms with hands, with the final set being evolved into digitigrade legs. Another anatomical feature worth noting is their ears - for unknown reasons (mainly due to no known studies performed upon them by outside sources), they curl around in a relatively-tight spiral before extending straight out from the head. Presumably this gives them a poor auditory sense. Their blood is a dark color upon oxidation; it may be either red or perhaps a dark "wine-hued" purple.

They seem to be split into at least three "genders": males, females, and engineers. While typical males and females possess claws for slashing opponents, the engineers (which may or may not only adapt from males) have lost their claws in favor of fingers that each split into two secondary fingers.

Culture and societyEdit

Because of their minuscule size they appear to generally use molecular expander pads that are sent to planets which are under consideration for invasion. These are used by later sending in a "reconnaissance" team to locate and dig up the pod many Earth years later, deploy it and expand one or more of their members to approximately 30 ft (~ 9.1 meters) tall to place several beacons to bring in a fleet to the exact location and begin invading. Considering that they are not particularly difficult to defeat, they are likely not a galactic threat, unlike other invasive species.

The Zirkonian language is known as Zirkon. Advance teams often learn to speak the language of the inhabitants of the worlds they are invading, yet may require using Zirkon-____ Language Dictionaries to translate their sentences to speak civilly with any inhabitants they may encounter.

Technology Edit

  • Motherships
  • Short-Distance Starships
  • Cerebral spines fired into the base of the neck that can control others through the use of a controller.
  • Cerebral spine sniper rifles
  • Gravity Grenades
  • Holomaps
  • Zirkon-_____ Language Dictionaries (Where "_____" is the local language of the planet's inhabitants)

Appearances Edit

  • Aliens in the Attic (2009)
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