The Zirites are a species of energy creatures from an alternate Earth in the Black Science Universe.

Biology Edit

Zirites resemble wisps of flames that are capable of possessing the minds of other species and using their bodies as their own. These parasites however have limitations. They are susceptible to cold temperatures which is lethal to them. It also appears that so long as the head of a subject is unexposed possession is unlikely. However the obstruction would require a piece of equipment that encompasses the entire head in a closed environment.

The hosts under the influence of the Zirites suffer a slow mental suffocation. The longer they are under thrall the closer the host mind is lost and is replaced by the parasite.

Background Edit

The Zirites homeworld was entering an ice age threatening to destroy their species. In order to survive the species had to take possession of a species of albino baboons. However there were so few hosts to accommodate their people. In solve this they sought to escape into the Eververse and find a new warmer dimension. One of their scientists managed to construct a Pillar, however it was sabotaged by the lost Dimensionauts. One of the Zirites managed to take control of one of the Dimensionauts, and infiltrate them. As they traveled through many dimensions she studied their Pillar to use for her people. During a infighting between Grant and Kadir, she stole a portable Pillar device and used it to return to her home dimension.

Since then the Zirites have used the technology to spread across the known dimension, taking control over hundreds of worlds.

Appearances Edit

  • Black Science 006 (2014)
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