Zin in his human form.

Zin is a Vardian scientist and the main antagonist in the Tracker TV series. He is Cole/Daggon's main enemy and is responsible for the mass prisoner escape from SAR TOP Prison to Earth. Unlike the majority of the other prisoners, Zin took on a human form from another location. He is portrayed in the series by Geraint Wyn Davies and appears/is mentioned in nearly all the episodes in the series .

Personality wise, Zin is very intelligent but also ruthless and manipulative - using some of the prisoners to do his bidding and work but allowing others to simply 'run wild'. He has no regard for any of the prisoners, however, such as when he ignored Nestov's plea for help after nearly getting killed - as well as allowing a Nodulian inside the body of Adam Curtis to be murdered by one of his henchmen as part of a scheme to frame Cole for murder. The only time he did seem to care was when he required them to get something for him (as Krace explained during his and Cole's escape from a military facility, Cole actually helped him while Zin would have left him to die). He also has no regard for humanity - ordering their deaths (such as

Cole and Zin meet in their human forms.

when he orders Mederan to kill those in his way when trying to buy land) or personally bringing about their end, such as when he killed Mel in the pilot episode, forcing Cole to use his powers to re-energize her life force to save her.

Zin was shown to be interested in replicating Cirronian abilities in biological or mechanical ways. This is shown such when he makes a prototype hyper-time simulator (which Cole gains after the death of its carrier, Krace) and later a gun that can be used to completely neutralize a Cirronian's powers. He is the only Vardian in the series who can manipulate energy like Cole does, presumably due to experimenting on himself. Zin's energy manipulation ability seems to be more advanced, however, as he is able to freely shoot spheres of energy as a ranged attack, which Cole is not capable of doing.

Cole knows about Zin before the events on Earth, explaining that Zin was one who he trusted but also was not the kind of man to be 'pushed anywhere'. Zin also clarifies this during one of his brief meetings with Cole; stating that although they are now enemies, he did value the friendship between them.


"You know what they say - Never trust a Vardian". - Zin during his first conversation with Cole on Earth.

Zin was a brilliant scientist on Varda, but became angry and hateful as he felt he wasn't very appreciated. His anger ate away at him and eventually led to him discovering the location of the Strada Brac - an ancient universal annihilation weapon that was hidden on Earth to keep it hidden from the Vardians (who had created it). Having learned of its approximate location in Chicago on Earth, and knowing that he'll be pursued by Migar's bounty hunters (Trackers) if they find out, Zin sets up an 'organization' on Earth of others from the Migar system who are loyal to him, who all took on human forms. He used his know-how to create a wormhole to a moon in the Migar system, where there was a prison called SAR TOP. Testing the wormhole, he allowed one prisoner - Rhee - to escape and take over the life force of a human female.

When Daggon - a Cirronian and SAR TOP Prison Guard/Tracker whose wife and daughter were killed by Rhee - came through the wormhole and took on the form of a human to blend in and hunt down the escaped fugitive, Zin used the wormhole (now assured that it was working) to allow 218 other prisoners to escape to Earth and take over the life forces of humans on a train into Chicago. After his two closest allies - the Desserian Yahir and his bodyguard Mederan - entered the wormhole, Zin changed its location and entered himself before taking on the life-force of an unnamed man. Following Cole and Mel as they pursued Rhee, Zin proceeded to seemingly help Mel escape when Cole and Rhee began their fight, but in fact held her hostage in his car.


Zin attacks Cole.

After Cole succeeded in defeating Rhee and taking her life force, he proceeded to return to the wormhole. However, he encountered Zin after feeling the life-forces of other escapees - learning that it was him who allowed Rhee to escape and also that 218 other prisoners have escaped to Earth. Zin threatens to kill Mel if Cole doesn't leave, revealing his otherworldly origins to Mel during his conversation with Cole. Cole starts to turn away, but then turns back - only for Zin to use his own energy manipulation power on him - blasting him back before them using his power to kill Mel and dump her out the car before driving off. Injured, Cole tends to Mel and -

Zin with the Strada Brac.

after a few tries - manages to re-energize her life force and restore her. Heading to the train station, Zin meets up with the rest of the prisoners in their human forms.

During his time on Earth, Zin becomes the equivalent of a 'Godfather' figure to the rest of the criminals - establishing a crime empire on Earth that even challenges the Chicago Mafia. Despite several setbacks due to Cole and Mel (as well as others on different occasions, such as Nestov and Lontoria), Zin is able to succeed and located the Strada Brac in a vault underneath Mel's bar, the Watchfire, after Nestov had seemingly betrayed Cole and Mel. As he got it, however, he is confronted by Cole (his powers re-energized thanks to Mel unlocking her dormant Cirronian abilities) and a discussion follows between the two - with Cole warning Zin that he will stop him from using the weapon to take control of Migar due to his lust for greatness and power. Zin, however, counters that humans are just the same and have been killing each other in wars for centuries in their fights for power - stating that no matter what, they will always resort to violence as it's in humanity's nature, just like his. With the vault door slowly closing permanently, the two fight for the Strada Brac.

Tracker S01E21 What Lies Beneath - Part 4

Tracker S01E21 What Lies Beneath - Part 4

Cole/Daggon fights Zin - Fight begins at 3:56

Zin manages to hold the advantage - matching Cole's moves while the two trade energy blows. Managing to knock Cole to the ground, Zin blasts him repeatedly with energy bursts. As he turns to pick up the weapon, Cole quotes a human saying - "It's not in the stars to hold our destiny, but in ourselves". Zin turns around too late to see Cole charge up his power - levitating off the ground in the process. Before he can attack, Zin is hit by Cole's charged energy attack - knocking him off his feet and into the vault. Getting up too late, Zin can only scream in defiance as the door shuts permanently - trapping him inside.


Zin is trapped for good.

Following the battle, Cole took the weapon and hid it away with Mel's help. Commenting on his success defeating Zin, Cole admits to it feeling strange that - after spending so much time and energy trying to stop Zin - it was finally over. Mel assured him it was perfectly normal, stating he was 'becoming more human everyday'. She also reminded him that while Zin had been dealt with, there was still many more alien criminals still roaming freely, despite Zin been defeated.

It's assumed that Zin's life force was taken when Cole found a way to transport all the prisoner's life forces off Earth at once, unless he died before then. It was unbeknown, also, if his life force returned to Earth when they began to reappear across the USA.


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