Zig and Zag
Biography Information
True Identity Zigmund Ambrose Zogly and Zagnatius Hillary Zogly
Homeworld Zog
Species Zog
Gender Male
Language English
Occupation TV Presenters
Status Active
Behind the Scenes
Created by Mick O'Hara; Ciaran Morrison
Performed by Mick O'Hara; Ciaran Morrison



Zig and Zag's full names are Zigmund Ambrose Zogly and Zagnatius Hillary Zogly and claim they were born 29 February 1971 on Zog. Zig is beige (although he claimed to be fawn) with red "zogabongs" (pom-pom antennae) and a tuft of green hair, and Zag is purple with green spots and yellow zogabongs and dreadlocks. In their original RTÉ incarnation, Zig often came across as the more intelligent one, with Zag under his thumb (most evident in their "Story Time" segments, when Zig would read a nursery rhyme to the audience, and Zag would grudgingly act it out). Zag also displayed a penchant for cross-dressing and playing with Barbie dolls. However, after the two moved to Channel 4, Zag began to be portrayed as the more intelligent older brother, a lecherous lady-killer who claimed to fly every weekend to Hollywood to dine with the stars, as well as performing ragga songs in his guise of "Ragga Zagga". Zig was then portrayed as a weak-willed childish simpleton, constantly giggling at rude jokes (like the word "bottom"), obsessed with specific things (such as The Hunt for Red October or his rash) and frequently unaware of what was going on around him.


Zig and Zag are an Irish puppet duo performed by Mick O'Hara and Ciaran Morrison. Their production company, Double Z Enterprises produced The Den when Zig and Zag featured. In 2003 they produced a TV series for Channel 4, The Bronx Bunny Show. They also regularly appear on RTÉ Two in their current incarnations of Podge and Rodge, fellow characters from The Den with an unsavoury past but who are now reformed enough for RTÉ to commission their own primetime chat show, The Podge and Rodge Show.


Zig and Zag's first single "The Christmas No.1" reached No.1 in Ireland at Christmas 1990. Their album Never Mind the Zogabongs...Here's Zig and Zag and second single "Zig Zaggin Around" both also topped the Irish charts in 1991. On the back of their success on the Big Breakfast the pair were signed by Simon Cowell and released two singles on RCA. "Them Girls, Them Girls" produced by DJ Erick Morillo was released throughout Europe and its highest chart position in the U.K charts was at No.5 for the week ending 7 January 1995.

    • Singles
    • 1990 - "The Christmas No. 1"
    • 1991 - "Zig Zaggin' Around"
    • 1992 - "Outback Boogie in Malebrawonga"
    • 1994 - "Them Girls, Them Girls" with DJ Erick Morillo.
    • 1995 - "Hands Up, Hands Up" with Rednex
  • Albums
    • 1991 - Never Mind the Zogabongs...Here's Zig and Zag
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