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The Zeosians are a humanoid species from the Alpha or Beta Quadrant planet Zeos. By 2293, members of this species were serving on Starfleet vessels, including one Crewman Dax.


Megazoid feet

Zeosian feet.

Zeosians are humanoids with some distinctive facial features, although their most distinguishing characteristic is their large, unusually-shaped feet, which makes it impossible for them to wear the same footwear as most humanoids. This species apparently doesn't have footwear of its own either, making their feet that much more noticeable.


  • Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (1991)


  • Although this species is not named on-screen, the script and novelization both provided names for them, the script calling them Megazoids, and the novelization calling them Zeosians. This wiki favors the novelization name as it was published material.