General Information
Homeworld Zenterra
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Alien Racers

The Zenterrans are an alien species native to the planet Zenterra, which is situated in a system in the center of the universe.

Biology Edit

The Zenterrans are humanoid, though they possess yellow-orange skin and four arms. Nearly 90% of their bodies is composed of brain matter, which affords they psychic abilities such as levitation, teleportation, mind control, etc. They can even turn off their pain receptors at will. For nourishment the Zenterrans are able to break organic substances into atoms to absorb. Death can also be avoided by Zenterrans by means of astral projection, separating their minds from their bodies.

Culture and society Edit

The Zenterrans are a peaceful race of pacifists that live in harmony with their environment. They are the wisest and oldest race in the universe and are seen as a neutral party in the universe. A common image that the Zenterrans hold, is that while they allow others to make mistakes, and mislead, they never lie.

Crime is almost unheard of in Zenterran society, however when an act of serious crime is perpetuated, the criminal is executed and absorbed into the populace as a method to bear his sin and remind their people of the crime.

History Edit

The Zenterrans have long inhabited the vicinity of Xenoc, the heart of the universe. Due to the presence of Xenoc's most dangerous energy source, known as Xeno-energy, that threatens the universe, the Zenterrans managed to land containment chambers on the planet's surface, preventing random discharges.

Fearing that every race would be warring over the contained energy, Master Khadan, wisest of the Zenterrans, issued a contest known as the Alien Races. Each alien civilization would choose their champion for this great power and whoever controls the Xeno-energy will decide the fate of the universe.

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