The Zeltrons are a near-human race native to the planet Zel III and Zeltros. The average Zeltron has the ability to project powerful pheromones at another individual, and their empathic abilities allow them to sense the feelings of other beings. Many beings describe these abilities as telepathy that utilized feelings instead of words. As a people, the Zeltrons care little for military force or planetary defense, but they are continually in top physical condition. Individual Zeltrons are easily distinguished by their deep red skin and their black hair, and they are characterized by their love of gambling and their ability to love other beings unconditionally. When a Zeltron is deprived of the ability to love or gamble, they usually resort to violence, and are known to be excellent warriors when they have no other way to channel their enthusiasm. The average Zeltron can consume a large amount of alcohol, since they have two livers and can process the alcohol much more efficiently.
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