Alien Species
Universe Zeiram
Homeworld Unknown
Average Height Variable
Diet Matter (does not matter what kind)
Intellectual Level Sapient

Zeiram is one of the first unstoppable killing machines in history. Their genetic origin is unknown. All that Humans know is he's an unkillable space creature that can't be stopped by conventional means, although its core seems to be its weak point. This alien has adept fighting skills and incredible strength and adaptive intelligence. While only one is known, one can assume that, if it is a species and not some sort of creation, that there would be several to exist, even if only one Zeiram currently remains.


The Zeiram's primary form is that of a cloak-wearing imposing humanoid with a single red slit eye and on top is a flesh protrusion that looks like a wide brim hat and at its center is a small noh-style mask face that would often hiss or growl when it is threatened or about to attack. This mask face is attached to a tentacle-like appendage that can stretch to unknown lengths and also serves as a primary way of feeding. Eventually the one known Zeiram shown to exist loses its hat-like protrusion in favor of a more humanoid appearance with a few alterations that makes his appearance similar to a kitsune and the little white face is moved to the chest and now bears a feminine look despite its fine features the face can easily open its surprisingly large mouth showing its more hideous form with semi-reptilian teeth.


Zeiram basically has very little regard for any species whether it be human or its own kind, this cold unfeeling creature has no remorse nor emotion towards living things. Zeiram will attack any living thing in order to sustain its life, the mask like face may indicate the creature may have in fact emotions (mostly rage), it often growls and hisses to intimidate its enemies that dare to try to attack it and opens its mouth revealing rows of small razor sharp teeth as a threat display with a bite radious that can reach to the neck vertebra.


Zeiram's main ability is to assimilate organic and inorganic materials into its body to put to use for it, it absorbs organic materials to survive and to rejuvenate itself and if it is desperate it can engulf an entire organism and draw from its genetic materials; it has also been known to assimilate weapons and utilize them, as well. It's physical strength is above human standards as well as adept in hand to hand combat. It is strong enough to send a human flying into a wall with one single kick and its physical endurance is no slouch either, Zeiram can easily withstand a barrage of bullets, multiple stabs from a blade, being hit by a speeding vehicle, set on fire, decapitation, as well as surviving a crash landing onto a planet with only a few gashes to its flesh while having a large metal or wooden spike embeded in its head and still keeping on rampaging no matter the injury. There were two occasions that it was reduced to the hat form and it was still active. In this "Hat Only" form it is able to fly like an organic flying saucer.

It has the ability to eject its entire skeleton when the body is damaged and has not asimilated any organism during its rampage, even though it shows no evidence that it speaks. However it can understand the human language and further evidence of its incredible intelligence is its ability to hack into computer mainframes and control any function to its will to a point that a building that has machinery or a ship becomes a secondary body. It has the ability to create inferior clones of itself to serve as scouts and fighters and able to create advanced clones from genetic material it previously consumed to lure its enemies into a false sense of security, it also can protrude tentacles to ensnare its soon-to-be-assimilated victims and generate simple staff weapons from its body as well as a shuriken and sharp claws, and has the ability to elongate its arms in order to get to high places or disarm a foe.


Zeiram's Core

Zeiram's core.

When it comes to weaknesses Zeiram has virtually none physically or chemically. However its true weak point is the flesh core which happens to be the white face. If the core was destroyed completely, Zeiram's functions would cease, but if its merely cut off from its body intact it would be inert. At one point, the core was presumed dead until a shadowy organization retrieved the intact core and rebuilt the creature, moving the core to the belly of the cybernetic body. This does not stop it from controlling the cyborg body however. Getting close to the core to destroy it is not easy, since Zeiram keeps on moving and making sure nothing happens to the core.

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