The Zedams are a sapient species of frog-like humanoids with webbed hands and claws, which have long waged war against Keema's species. Fortunately, though, both races have long figured out a way to avoid unnecessary destruction on their homeworlds and colonies: instead of fighting with armies, each side will rather send their highest military leader on a single spaceship to combat each other on an uninhabited world such as Gamma VI.

The Zedam leader claims to be well aware of the habits of Earth's people, even though Earthlings haven't reached space yet; and disapproves of humanity's tendency for holding prejudices based on the physical appearance of another. The Zedam spaceships appear to have a curious design, combining vegetable and mechanical elements. Their technology otherwise seems to be pretty much the same as their opponents', including offensive weaponry and the means to physically alter one's appearance.


  • Lost in Space - S0E15 - "The Golden Man"


  • This is one of the forms assumed by Arcon in "The Galaxy Gift", although he refers to it as "an Alfoid from the Galta Nebula". It isn't known whether "Alfoid" is the name Arcon's people use for the Zedams or if it refers to a distinct, but physically identical species.
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