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Zebesian Dragon
Universe Metroid
Homeworld Zebes
Diet Carnivorous
Sapience Level Unknown
Conservation Status Extinct (presumed)

A Zebesian Dragon. Zebesian Dragons were reptilians native to Zebes with a body design similar to that of the seahorse on the planet Earth. They are indigenous to lava flows, and can therefore be found almost exclusively deep within Norfair, although a subspecies of green scaled Dragons can be found in far less moderation in the magma-filled caverns of Crateria.

There is a bipedal form of the Dragons known as Alcoons. These could be everything from simply an advanced form of their class of species in comparison to the Dragons themselves to genetically modified Space Pirate bio-weapons. At the same time, however, they could just as easily be the same species, exhibiting either extreme sexual dimorphism or even simply a metamorphosis within their species (with the Dragons likely being the larvae of the Alcoons in this latter case).

As the planet Zebes was destroyed and no Dragons (or Alcoons) have been seen since, it is highly likely that they were rendered extinct when their world detonated along with Tourian and the Mother Brain.