Zareth is a female Desserian and one of the prisoners who escaped from SAR TOP in the wormhole Zin made, taking a human life force on Earth.


As a criminal, Zareth used her natural camouflage abilities to live life as a master thief. She was eventually caught and imprisoned on SAR TOP. Nestov, a fellow Desserian and prisoner who escaped to Earth from SAR TOP, referred to Zareth as 'a legend'. After her escape among with over 200 other criminals, Zareth began working for Zin - who planned to steal an ancient Egyptian artifact that contained an alien map (identical to the one that Raahm and Saahm where originally trying to get to sell to Zin, before both Orsusians were captured). When the Enixian criminal Vesser tried to get Nestov to hire various supplies for the theft, he was ambushed by Cole/Daggon (who Nestov was working with as a mole in Zin's operations) - with Cole taking his life force.

Having overheard the conversation between Vesser and Nestov that Zareth was planning to steal something, Cole cross-referenced everything on Zin's list that Nestov was supposed to get, along with the security schematics of all the museums and art galleries in Chicago - coming to the conclusion that Zareth plans to steal an item from the Chicago Art Museum during a private function there the next night. One of the items there is the painting 'Impression Sunrise' by Claude Monet (valued at $50 million dollars and which has been loaned to the museum from a collection in Paris). Looking at the painting online, Cole states the image reminds him of his home-world Cirron.


Zareth with the Museum curator, who is talking to Cole.

After managing to get Mel to persuade Victor (a detective who is also her on/off boyfriend) to allow them access to the museum (due to the Police assigning their best robbery and homicide personnel to act as security for the event), Cole and Mel arrive at the event - meeting up with Vic before Mel tells Cole to go and 'mingle' with the crowd to try and find Zareth. Talking to Mel alone, Vic admits he thought it was a date between them. However, he also states that he is still on duty when he refuses a drink - telling Mel that the amount of cops on duty was doubled at the last minute, after an anonymous tip-off that the 'Impression Sunrise' was going to be stolen.

Meeting up with Cole, Cole shows her that he has downloaded the guest-list and has been running background checks - believing that the curator (Mr. Kotan) is possibly Zareth due to only starting the job 10 days ago. Watching as several men who look like waiters all come into the room with silver trays, Cole

Zareth begins to hack into the vault.

believes something is wrong. Two men gain control of the security room, before the men on the floor where Cole and Mel are pull sub-machine guns out of the silver trays and take the guests hostage. The man leading the group (called Max) tells all the guests to do as they're told, and they would survive. Although Mel believes the man to be Zareth, Cole quietly explains it isn't as Zareth worked alone and with as little exposure as possible - with them noticing the curator has disappeared.

Interrogating the chief of security, the group find that the alarm can't be disabled from the security room - with the alarm been the one thing stopping the group from stealing the painting. Asking who is in charge, Vic Bruno steps forward and goes with Max - with Mel creating a distraction so Cole can use his hyper-time to escape and go after Zareth. The security chief explains that

The alien map from inside the Egyptian artifact.

while the rest of the paintings are on a relay alarm, the Monet painting is on a standalone alarm that can only be disabled through the security hub in the sub-basement. Reaching the sub-basement, the men briefly encounter Cole - who Max sends one of his men after. Cole easily disables the man, before trying to con Max into thinking he is dead. However, Max recognizes the voice as been different and orders several of his men to search the building for Cole.

At the security hub, the chief tries to disable the security but the alarm is triggered. As Mick goes to shoot him, Vic puts himself in front and is critically injured by the shot. Dumped with the rest of the hostages, Mel tends to his wound. Max, realizing Zin has sent them the wrong information and deliberately set them up, informs his men they need to escape. Meanwhile, Cole

Zareth uses her nitrogen spray on Cole.

continues his search and finds Mr. Kotan dead - realizing the woman who was with Mr. Kotan was Zareth all along. When Mel uses Max's discarded phone to contact the police and inform them of the situation, she then quietly contacts Cole, who reveals his findings - that Zin sent Max and his men as a distraction while Zareth steals something else. Zareth, meanwhile, breaks into the vault and overcomes the security - finding the alien map Zin wanted.

When Cole enters the vault, he is ambushed by Zareth - with the two briefly fighting. Cole manages to knock Zareth down, but is disabled  when she uses a nitrogen

Zareth, after killing Max.

spray on him to weaken him. Gloating over him before giving him a second burst when he starts to get up, she bids him farewell before escaping the vault - pulling out the card to seemingly trap Cole inside. Max, meanwhile, begins to try and barter with the police for an escape route out of the building as SWAT teams roll in. Coming up behind Max as he prepares to take half the hostages to the roof, he is shot from behind by Zareth - who is using a silenced pistol. Bidding farewell, she escapes in an elevator as the SWAT teams burst in and arrest the men - freeing the hostages and taking Vic to a hospital. Cole, meanwhile manages to escape the vault using the nitrogen spray Zareth left behind to weaken the bolts before using a hit from a Katana blade to shatter them.


Cole take's Zareth's life force.

Using his hyper-time ability, Cole leaves the building and catches up to Zareth, who is preparing to escape in a sports car. Realizing too late that Cole is in the car with her, Zareth is unable to stop him as he takes her life force. Following her capture, Cole meets up with Mel and both of them go to the hospital to see Vic - learning that Vic is going to be okay. Returning to the Watchfire, Cole checks out the map and states to Mel that it is showing Chicago - meaning Zin chose Chicago as the destination for the prisoners purposely and for another reason - wanting something. Following a promise that she made earlier that evening, Mel teaches Cole to dance like how the people did at the party. 

Additional InformationEdit

The scene where Cole shatters the bolt using a Katana sword is a reference to the TV series Highlander, which followed the film of the same name. The series was one of the other projects Adrian Paul (who plays the part of Cole/Daggon in the Tracker TV series) did.


Tracker (TV Series) - Episode 12: To Catch a Desserian

Tracker (TV Series) - Episode 22: Remember When (Stock Footage)

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