Zab Neru

Zab Neru is the Military Commissioner of Coalition and holds a powerful position in the Space Coalition.

History Edit

A militaristic individual, Zab Neru is a power hungry and corrupt military officer in the Coalition. Highly relying on harsher sanctions and cruelty, he is determined to get what he wants. Zab Neru seems to have some prior history with the legendary bounty hunter, Phoenix.

After Meteora attempted her eleventh breakthrough of Earth's Preliminary Space Isolation, Zab Neru took over her case an mocked her for her seemingly idiotic attempts to return to her backwater home. Seeing that sending her to a correction facility was putting a drain on Coalition resources, Zab Neru informed her that she would be executed.

Zab Neru, examined her belonging while she was in his custody, he recognized a medallion he originally dismissed as an Earth trinket, but realized that it once belonged to the legendary bounty hunter, Phoenix. When Meteora confronted him to return her stuff at gunpoint he surmised that she was Phoenix's daughter.

Meteora escape from Zab Neru but he vowed to capture and bring her to justice.

Source Edit

  • Meteora 003 (2015)
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