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The Yvarema were a race of humanoids were one of the rare examples of a hive mind which evolved in a non-insectoid, mammalian species. There were no mindless drones in Yvarema society, and each individual was able to develop a personality on its own. However, their intelligence was ensconced in the being known as the Majjvara, while the Majjvara was completely dependent on the rest of Yvarema society for her survival. The average Yvarema was a bulky humanoid with furred head and shoulders, a scaled torso and legs, and a short, thick tail. Their society was broken into four distinct groups, in addition to the Majjvara herself. Workers were the most common Yvarema, being neuter individuals with strong muscles and great stamina. Explorer-scouts had a fat- and water-storing hump on their backs, and were thinner than the workers. Their role was to locate food and resources for the group. Lore gatherers were among the longest-lived Yvarema, second only to the Majjvara in longevity. Their role was to act as librarians and scholars for Yvarema society. The royal explorers were extremely limited in number, and were developed during the modern era of the galaxy after the Yvarema discovered space travel. Unfortunately for the Yvarema, their strong bodies and limited individual intelligence made them prime targets for slavers who worked in the Kathol Outback. Those Yvarema who were separated from their homeworld felt an unending urge to return to their homeworld of Yvara.

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