Alien Species
Universe The Maw
Homeworld Unknown
Diet Unknown
Sapience Level Non-Sapient

Official artwork of a "flock" of Yums.

Yums are non-sapient organisms which are considered both cute and tender. They were genetically modified (likely by the Galactic Council) to be not only the perfect pet but also a great appetizer (kinda like a rabbit, if you think about it). As such, they have been deemed perfect space companions, and as a result they have ultimately populated most of the galaxy's worlds that are known to the Galactic Council. They appear to be ruled over by a massive King Yum, which appears to horde gold for reasons unknown. Yums are the most common kinds of animals that the Maw consumes, and the Maw's consumtion of the King Yum leads to a highly intensive jolt of growth, making him the size of a Galactic Council base. Yums are notorious for hiding in floral outcroppings and under or inside of stray boulders.