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Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe The Fourth Planet

The Yultan are a sapient alien species.

Biology Edit

The Yultan are a diminutive race of humanoids standing about a foot tall. They are actually a mobile, sapient plants. They are separated into two genders, and due to their plant nature, are invisible to scans as they are registered as foliage.

History Edit

Generations ago the Yultan were enslaved by the Foon to be used as slaves and livestock. They were taken far north across the Great Rift to where the Foon created their empire. Eventually under Hulinian the Chain Breaker, the Yultan Rebellion was launched against their Foon masters.

The Yultan freed from the Foon, decided to return south to their homeland. At a place where a alien pillar stood, they created the city-state of Gylta. For centuries the Yultans built a prosperous civilization whilst their Foon enemies declined and stagnated. The Yultan launched several crusades against the Foon gaining tremendous victories.

However when Gylta's scouts killed five strange giants on the outskirts of the city, and captured one, they brought ruin. Lord Goswynn of the Yultan attempted to peaceful return the injured human back to his people. However during a meeting with the human leader, Jame Borchek, Goswynn was accidentally killed by a human sniper, James attempted to order his force to hold fire, and was stabbed in the neck by Goswynn's guard.

The two species berth with leadership engaged each other. The humans with the superior technology raided the city to reclaim their comrade and also to extricate the alien power source within the Temple of the Spear. However a giant artificial emerged from the city and attempted to subdue the humans forcing them to retreat but also escaping with the power source.

Culture Edit

The Yultan are a pre-industrial species, however they have developed primitive black powder weapons such as flintlock rifles and cannons. The Yultan worship the Great Mother, Sitris.

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