Roughly six million years ago a race called the Yuht inhabited a certain part of the galaxy leaving only behind their crumbling cities.

Biology Edit

The Yuht were a sapient race of large centipede-like insectoids. Each individual Yuht can reach approximately hundred meters long they were so long in fact that rarely do Yuht spaceships carry more that three passengers. The Yuht had an extremely low birth rate and would dedicate whole worlds for breeding. They do this by sterilizing predators and other harmful species before laying their eggs. They would then leave their young to fend for themselves until the parents would return to reintegrate them in Yuht society. An average Yuht could live up to a thousand years so every death was treated as special event in Yuht society. At Every funeral the dead are buried with lavish gifts.

Background Edit

Six million years ago the Yuht was starting to colonize nearby star systems. As time went by the Yuht realized they haven't met any form of intelligent life during their entire space age. This was indeed true as their part of the galaxy was devoid of intelligent life other than their own. This didn't scare the population; in fact they felt some sort of superiority in nature. Over the years Yuht scientists had found ancient artifacts that would have prove the Yuht were not the only intelligent race in the galaxy only for those artifacts to be housed in a museum created only to disprove them. At one point in time they did find a another sapient race, the Jabbardeeni, but Yuht like being the only race in the galaxy and immediately declared war on them. The war was devastating on both sides as worlds were totally destroyed from orbit. This war didn't favor the Yuht with their low birth rate and many were killed in the ensuing conflict. What absolutely crippled them in this war was their inability to create Ftl drives only able to travel at sublight speed. With their home world bombarded to a crisp the Yuht were forgotten by history until now.

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