The Yu'vath were an alien species that inhabited Calyx Expanse.

Background Edit

Once a prevalent power in the Calyx Expanse, the Imperium of Man launched the Angevin Crusade to wipe out the xenos. Using their slaves armies the Yu'vath sent them to battle the Imperial Crusade forces. They were eventually wiped to extinction by General Drusus and the Adeptus Astartes via Exterminatus. In the aftermath of the Angevin Crusade, the Yu'vath along with their enslaved subjects and technology were scattered. The Yu'vath were the last xeno resistance in the Expanse and was later renamed the Calyx Sector under imperial rule.

Culture Edit

Prior to the fourth century of the 39th millennium, the Yu'vath were a Warp-worshiping people, using its power to enslave worlds and races such as the Byavoor, Djarlik, Egarian, and Strinx. Humans were also their most prevalent slaves, and were used to fuel their techno-warp constructs.

Appearances Edit

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