Hailing from the frozen and mountainous world of Yondarim, the Yondar are a race proud of their heritage and evolutionary history.

Avian normal 10
General Information
Homeworld Yondarim
Habitat alpine planet
Locomotion bipedal
Sapience level sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Stellaris


The Yondar are an bipedal avianoid race sporting mostly grey and yellowish-orange feathers. Individuals are known to have four eyes(two on each side), a hold over from their ancient days of soaring over freezing mountain tops to search for food.

The Yondar are an old sentient race, preferring to stay on their homeworld for more than 200,000 years before looking to the stars and building rudimentary technology to create their first civilizations. After the rapid development of their homeworld was underway, the Sky Clans reluctantly abandoned their most primitive of traditions for progress. Yet they still held on to many of their old traditions, including their religion, something that hasn't change as their civilization evolved. They are known to venerate their high kings, rulers of the Kingdom of Yondarim, as living gods.

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