Yog (ヨグ?Yogu) is an enigmatic alien amoeba created by Toho that first appeared in the 1970 Toho film, 


Space Amoeba.

History Edit

Showa Series Edit

Space Amoeba Edit

Yog comes to Earth on board a returning space probe which re-entered the atmosphere and crashed into the South Pacific Ocean. Yog traveled to Sergio Island and used his powers to possess and transform an oceanic cuttlefish, creating Gezora. Gezora rampaged around the island, causing havoc for its inhabitants and the J.S.D.F. until the people managed to lure Gezora into a field of flames, horrifically burning the creature and forcing it to retreat into the ocean. As Gezora began to die, Yog escaped, and possessed a lobster, forming Ganimes. Ganimes returned to the island, damaging the buildings by slamming into them with its claws, until it was destroyed by explosives. Yog escaped once more, and then divided his life force into another lobster and a rock turtle, forming another Ganimes and Kamoebas. Coordinating the efforts of both kaiju, Yog appeared to have control over the island until a swarm of bats flew out of a cave. With Yog now startled, his control over Ganimes and Kamoebas dissipated, and the two monsters clashed. Eventually, both monsters fell into a volcano, killing Yog for good.

Abilities Edit

  • Yog can possess creatures and turn them into giant monsters that follow his will. However, these monsters can escape Yog's control.
  • Yog can survive atmospheric entry with no injury.

Notes Edit

  • One of the monsters controlled by Yog in Space Amoeba, Kamoebas, later returns in Godzilla: Tokyo S.O.S., where he is found dead washed up on a beach after Godzilla killed him.
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