Yeti Roswell conspiracies
General Information
Homeworld Earth
Body type Humanoid
Height Human-sized
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Roswell Conspiracies

The Yeti are a species of large white furred mammalians with two curved horns protruding both sides of their heads. A group of this species crashed landed on the planet Earth along with their cousins, the Sasquatch.


Yeti seem more suited to the cold environment where a society settled within the Himalayas, they are much large and bulkier than Humans. They have three digit fingers and toes. Their entire body is covered in fur, leaving only their face and hands bare.


A group of this species was captured and enslaved by the Lycanthrope. Forced into labor in their ship during the trip until they rebelled against their enslavers and crashed landed on Earth. Unknown for how long they have been marooned on the planet for but have given the natives the rise of a myth of the Yeti. 

Culture Edit

On their original homeworld, the Yeti were the ruling class and deemed themselves to be intellectually superior to the Sasquatch.

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