Yellow Wollywog
Yellow wollywog
General Information
Scientific name Amphicaris frodendum
Other Names Amphituber
Homeworld PNF-404
Habitat Springs, pools, and shallow ponds
Skin Colors yellow
Locomotion Quadrupedal
Sapience Level Non-Sapient
Reproduction (see Amphituber)
Status Least concern
Behind the Scenes
Universe Pikmin Universe

The Yellow Wollywog is a surface species of Amphituber commonly found on PNF-404 by numerous explorers to the planet.

Description Edit

Yellow Wollywogs are amphibious creatures resembling frogs, and have a lot of similarities to the creature in question. It's notably taller than Wollywogs, and more found around above ground instead of underground like their subterranean cousins. They have yellowish, smooth skin with slightly green tops as a slight camouflage.


this is a juvenile Yellow Wollywog documented. This in particular is the half-way stage between Wogpole and Yellow Wollywog.

Often found within shallow pools of water, many explorers note how aggressive these creatures are as they will jump and try to crush them underneath their surprisingly heavy bodies. They inflate an air sac underneath their bodies when they jump to stay afloat briefly, releasing the air soon as they're above their targets to crush them below. At first it was just jotted up to territorial anger, but studies had shown they only become this aggressive when creatures venture too close to their eggs, making them less of an aggressive creature and more of a very protective one.

Its protective behavior is understandable, as many young Yellow Wollywogs are prey items to many other creatures.

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