Yangethes are tree-like monsters created by the Dominion of the Black. Over the course of their immortal lives, though, they have developed an independent streak.

Description Edit

Anatomy & Physiology Edit

Yangethes resemble dead trees, perhaps ten feet tall. However, they are actually animals, or something like it. They have six eyes on a spider-like face emerging from their trunk, and a cluster of tentacles in place of a mouth. They also have several spidery legs and clawed hands.

Diet Edit

Yangethes feed on the emotions of sentient beings. When doing so, a yangethe's mouth tentacles seize a target and pierce it with thousands of tiny filaments that drain away its emotions. This process is not directly lethal, but causes terrifying, supernatural nightmares about the feeding process, which may eventually kill the victim if it is not allowed to recuperate.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Yangethes wield potent magic, both mundane and psychic in nature. They can telekinetically manipulate objects, walk on air, create magical darkness, disguise themselves as trees, affect the minds of other creatures, and briefly look into the future to improve the accuracy of their attacks. Once per year, they may teleport between planets, solar systems, or even galaxies.

In addition to their magic, yangethes also wield psychic abilities. They can communicate telepathically out to sixty feet and emit a psychic blast that cripples nearby creatures with intense pain.

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