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Yah-An-Ra is the most advanced civilization in the Croatian game Space Force: Rogue Universe. The rest article is taken from the official site.

There were three legends about their creation but none of them actually said who the creators of these magnificent creatures were. Some said that they were born in the storms of time; others believed they always did and always will exist. They called them The Guards for they always seemed to serve to the natural float of time. And because they were beings with energy form, a species in those times named them Yah-An-Ra as “creatures of light” . It was noticed early that the Yah-An-Ras were communicating through some kind of collective communication that nobody heard and nobody could communicate that way except them. Many of the races had great fear so they were ignoring them when they would be near or in some of the systems. They were mysterious creatures and their demands for some resources were also odd. They would evaluate some race and their possessions and, according to that, they would make a contact with them just to trade with them. Nobody knew really why they did like narcotics so much or the obsession with luxury items. They wanted minerals such as ammolite, jade, quartz and ruby. As ammolite was a rare and valuable opal-like organic gemstone, they believed it to possess amuletic powers in hunt and also that it possessed healing powers. Later, by buying knowledge about aapoak (small, crawling stone), the Yah-An-Ra believed it improved the flow of energy and named it “Seven Colour Prosperity Stone” because every different colour enhanced them as creatures in a variety of aspects. Jade was precious to them primarily in the creation of weapons but somehow they started to more appreciate its beauty than its purpose. Quartz was the most abundant mineral that they used in their industry and to get silicon dioxide. Silica was known to occur in 17 crystalline phases or modes and 5 amorphous phases. It was important for designing their buildings but they also traded with it.

Although they made artificial rubies, one of the rarest gemstones, they longed for natural ones that had great value because it contained imperfection in its own structure. The narcotics that they frequently bought, were energy liquefactions that were used, mainly when they suffered the great loss of energy in force fields of some systems. At first they used it in small doses but in time they became addicted to that although there was no need for that anymore.

Lots of species thought the Yah-An-Ras were blessed with a special gift - they were all bound with a united communication and would never understand the meaning of being all alone. Although they lived in a distant star system, they were constantly in movement. Some friendly species would ask for their help and they would help them to get rid of some hostile race. Of course in exchange, they would get luxury items and narcotics. They traced a mine of quartz in system Goe, which at that time, was under the dominion of a human organization called the United Union Force. To persuade them to trade, the Yah-An-Ras interfered in their battle against the EMD. The UF didn't know who they were but they were grateful for their help and made a trade agreement in return.

Yah-An-Ras were peaceful beings until they met the aliens known as the Collective. The Collective knew how to trace them in order to attack them without any warning. They were always hostile and ready to defeat any race that was in their way. They fought wars against the Collective through thousands of years; sometimes they were defending themselves or they were trying to help other species that were under invasion. The Collective operated on few levels: at the same time they would attack through several systems and nobody could trace the source of their open fire. The Yah-An-Ras couldn't prevent attacks but by travelling through floats of time, they managed to show up before the Collective would. The Collective were confused by their ability to appear in different time frames and space areas. Because of that they were mostly focused on the Yah-An-Ras and tried to find a way to detect their movement and to replicate their skill in order to finally destroy them. But so far they had no luck.

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