The Y'bith, a.k.a. "Ghost Bith", are a mutant offshoot of the Bith species which evolved as a result of a biological attack to the city of Nozho during a civil war on the Bith homeworld of Clak'dor VII. Being shunned by the rest of Bith society, the Y'bith eventually relocated to Clak'dor IV where they formed their own culture and civilization. Their capital, New Nozho, eventually became an important trading port for space travelers.

Biology[edit | edit source]

The Y'bith differ from typical Bith in a number of ways, possessing a small, vaguely fish-like mouth, large hands and feet, sensitive skin and poor eyesight (even by Bith standards, as even non-mutant Bith are typically nearsighted). It's also claimed that their volatile biochemistry makes them more unstable and prone to aggressiveness, which contrasts with the typically peaceful nature of the Bith race.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • This species first appeared unidentified as one of the background aliens in The Star Wars Holiday Special (1978).
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