A group of Xindi, showing two Arboreals, a Primate and a Reptilian

Xindi is a generic term to refer to the six sapient species native to the former planet Xindus. The five races are named based on their biological background: the Xindi-Primates and the Xindi-Arboreals are mammalianoid humanoids; the Xindi-Reptilians are reptilianoid humanoids; the Xindi-Insectoids are insectoid humanoids; the Xindi-Aquatics are cetaceanoids and the extinct Xindi-Avians were large avianoids.

Biology and culture[edit | edit source]

Having evolved on the same planet, the Xindi species share more than 99% of their genetic makeup with each other. They differ widely, however, both in appearance and behavior, with the Reptilians and the Insectoids being noticeably more belligerent than the others.

All Xindi species possess a pair of characteristic bony ridges on the cheeks. The presence of this structure in at least five distantly related species suggests that it is of some biological importance; possibly a sensory organ.

They are ruled by the Xindi Council, which consists of ten members; two from each Xindi species. Two of the Xindi species: the Aquatics and the Insectoids; are also notable for being among the few species with languages that could not be translated by a universal translator. It is fair to notice, however, that the UT was a relatively new technology by the time, and it is possible that from the 23rd century above those languages would be translatable.

History[edit | edit source]

Until the 21st century, the six Xindi races operated separately, and were engaged in conflict with each other. This eventually evolved into a full-scale war for dominance which resulted in the literal destruction of their geologically fragile home planet. The Avians, which were the less technologically advanced species, became extinct; whilst the five others managed to escape and colonize other worlds into the Delphic Expanse (the distinct area of space where Xindus was located).

United by the unintended destruction of Xindus, the five species resolved their differences and formed a political alliance and integrated their societies into a single government, by the name Xindi. By the 22nd century, they had made contact with temporal travelers from the extradimensional species of the Sphere Builders, which were engaged in reconfiguring the laws of physics in the Delphic Expanse to create a realm which would be habitable for themselves. They also had interest in creating a new timeline eliminating the United Federation of Planets before it was formed, and thus allied themselves with the Xindi by making them believe than Humans would go to war against, and destroy the Xindi alliance in the future.

The Sphere Builders gave the Xindi technology to build a probe which would be capable of destroying Earth completely, preventing the formation of the Federation that was to repel the Sphere Builders' invasion forces in the 26th century.

Species[edit | edit source]

  • The Avians - A now extinct, but not forgotten, species.
  • The Primates - A species known for their advanced intellect, they are commonly viewed as honest but arrogant, seemingly convicted of their intellectual supriority over other species.
  • The Arboreals - They are often calm and even lethargic; attacking only in self-defense. They are also naturally afraid of water.
  • The Reptilians - The most emotive and warlike species. They are notably proud and distrustful.
  • The Insectoids - A hive-based, asexual species which spreads in huge numbers, bringing their nurseries along in their ships. They are also aggressive and distrustful and often ally with the Reptilians.
  • The Aquatics - A species known for their being very analytic and thoughtful and never acting on impulse.

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