Alien Species

The Xindi-Insectoids are one of the five spacefaring species that formed the Xindi society in the 22nd century.

They are the only asexual Xindi species and appear to live in a hive-based society. They are also very short-lived for a sapient species, with an average lifespan of 12 years; but reproduce in tremendously large numbers, bringing nurseries for the young aboard their spaceships. The Insectoid newborns hatch from eggs and are referred to as larvae, but seem to develop via hemimetamorphosis, rather than full metamorphosis; since they already resemble the adults in structure of limbs and mouth parts. Like all Xindi, the Insectoids possess a pair of small ridges on the cheeks.

The Insectoids appear to be one of the most warlike species, often siding along the Xindi-Reptilians in the Council decisions. In huge contrast with the Xindi-Aquatics, the Insectoids are impulsive and quick to act. They speak in an extremely complex language which cannot be properly translated by 22nd century UT devices, and have names that grow longer and more complicated the older they get.