Vulture Droid
Xi Charrian
Universe Star Wars
Homeworld Charros IV
Diet Carnivorous
Sapience Level Sapient

Xi Charrians are a quadrupedal hive-minded insectoid species indigenous to Charros IV which communicate through a complex series of clicks. They had short bodies that were covered in chitinous plates and their legs had pointed, "scissor-action" feet. They also had a teardrop-shaped head and red eye slits. They were religious and followed a religion called Xi Char.

The Trade Federation eventually took advantage of Xi Charrian gustatory predilections when they negotiated weapons building contracts from them, offering them a rare choice trade of rare meats that they considered to be delicacies. A company that the Xi Charrians had founded, Haor Chall Engineering, ultimately created the Vulture Droids for the Federation, with its patrol mode being based in their image.

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