The Xi'Dec were an insectile species native to the planet Stic. They have evolved in the ever-changing

Ubbla Mollbro

climate of the planet by modifying their sexes for specific purposes. About 180 unique sexes have been noted in Xi'Dec culture by the Empire, although their history had shown that many more have evolved and died out from lack of need. All of the sexes have unique physical characteristics, depending on their function in society. Each Xi'Dec family was composed of single members from various sexes, and these families form the basis for Xi'Dec society. Families take great pride in the scope of their sexual content, and they go through considerable trouble in attracting rare sexes into the family. Their specialized sexes make certain kinds of Xi'Dec valuable off-world, as geologists, geneticists, and other scientific positions, although their overall technology was only moderately advanced. Tourism was often brisk to Stic, not for the planet's climate or beauty but because of the strange and unusual appearances of the various sexes of Xi'Dec.

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