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Xexto are a species of arboreal sapient organisms indigenous to the planet Troiken, where they built treeborne villages to inhabit, in a similar manner to both Ewoks and Wookiees. They are distant relatives to the larger Quermians.


Xexto are sextopods, possessing six arms, two of which are used as legs to move about bipedally. In total, they have 24 fingers - 4 fingers per hand. Their skin is pale, a strange feature for an arboreal species given that it would make them more obvious to creatures both above and below ground, perhaps indicating what may have led to their eventual sapience. This pale skin may range from a chalk white to a more pale yellow, while their eyes are normally purple.

The Xexto brain is split between two parts of their body: the portion located within the skull is used to control primitive emotions and basic body functions (likely due to its close proximity to the eyes) while the other portion, located within their chest cavity, controls their higher functions such as creative and logical thought processes. Their primary predators are small swarming insectoids known as Challat Eaters, which they defy utilizing both agility and logic.

Their species grew to eventually admire thrill-seeking and taking big risks. Despite this, Xexto are fairly level-headed and cool tempered.


The Xexto were first discovered during the Galactic Republic era in 17,000 BBY by an Arkanian geneticist looking to continue their illegal research that had been outlawed by the Galactic Senate. At this point in time their species was still simply loosely-organized hunter-gatherer tribes on Troiken. The geneticist chose to relocate a portion of their population to the nearby Quermia, where they began to commence the experimentation, ultimately leading to a new species which would eventually be known as the Quermians. Both species were eventually abandoned by the geneticist, who feared the wrath of the Old Republic.

While vastly different in terms of overall size, the Quermians continued to share many of the qualities of their smaller ancestor-cousins. Both still possessed the elongated neck that was used to peer above mats of vegetation, and both ended up with the social trend of hiding their second set of arms under folds of clothing. Neither species were destined to remain primitive forever, and both developed into technologically advanced civilizations by the time that Republic scouts made contact with them. Both races joined the galactic community shortly thereafter.

During the time of the Stark Hyperspace War, most Xexto hated both the Stark Combine and the Republic.

Notable members[]

  • Billibango
  • Gasgano, Podracer
  • Niai Fieso
  • Freon Drevan
  • Tosinqas