Xenomorph Warrior
General Information
Homeworld Xenomorph Prime
Height 8ft.
Diet Carnivorous
Sapience Level Sapient (later part of lifecycle)
Behind the Scenes
Universe AVP Universe

A warrior is a Xenomorph hive's main attack force, while others take on a more defensive role.


Larger than its Drone cousins and every Yautja that has appeared on-screen thus far, the warrior Xenomorph stands 8 feet tall when standing straight up and are about 14–16 feet long when crawling on all fours, their tails included.

Difference from DronesEdit


Smooth Warrior

The most visible difference that Warriors have from other Xenomorphs is the ridged head (Called Warrior Ridged) although warriors have been known to have smooth heads (Called Warrior Dome)

Ridged Warrior


The head carapace is also harder than that of a Drone's, able to ram into targets and capable of knocking an armored Yautja Hunter away.


The warrior comes in three different colors: Blue (Alien Vs Predator:Extinction), Black (All AvP films and Aliens) and an unnatural golden yellow color (Kadinsky Aliens).


Warriors have evolved over the course of the series, turning from brown to sleek black and becoming more skeletal. Their domes have become ridged, but the most obvious change is their tails. What was once and still is a stinger for a Drone, the warrior's tail has turned into a full blade.


Aliens have no higher goals than the propagation of their species, but have been known to show intelligence. This varies between each individual alien, as each one has its own unique IQ. Some are able to plan and strategize, while others attack like wild mindless animals.

Warriors seem to be the latter, though one warrior; Specimen 6, has shown the former intelligence.

Abilities and MannerismsEdit

As the main attack force for the hive, the Warriors are fast, well armoured, moderately durable against gunfire and savage in combat. Unlike the more patient, stealthy drone it will throw itself at enemies in waves and waves until the enemy is dead or comatose.

Battle TacticsEdit

Warriors would rather use their tails in battle than their claws or teeth. This is expressed in the movies and the games, where aliens surprise and impale both humans and Yautjas before killing them.


An Alien warrior (which appears to be blue)

After sustaining heavy damage (that isn't fire related), a warrior can continue to fight, and drag its broken body around while continuing to damage enemies, through clawing and biting. They can also survive their limbs being shot off, and survive bullets to the head (Alien Resurrection) (non explosive bullets of course).


Like all Xenomorphs, Warriors are weak to fire based weapons as well as Nitrogen based ones. Fire stops the Xenomorph from exploding in a shower of acid when it dies and when frozen, cannot move and is vulnerable to attack. Its blood is useless here as well. The Warrior and many of its Xenomorph kin are also vulnerable to laser-based weapons. Its acid blood supercharges the laser particles via molecular reaction.


  • When a Warrior is killed by weapons that puncture or break the skin, its pressurized bloodstream causes the creature to explode, drenching the surrounding area with extremely potent acid.
  • In the games, warriors and drones are two different species of alien, however they both fill the same space in the movies, never having appeared side-by-side.
  • Warriors can molt into Praetorians if exposed to Royal Jelly, which can cause them to molt into queens if one is not around.
  • A larger more efficient version of the warrior is the Hive Warrior.


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