Xenomorph Dog
General Information
Other names Domestic Xenomorph
Homeworld Planet 51
Locomotion Quadrupedal
Sapience level Non-sapient
Status Domesticated
Behind the Scenes
Universe Planet 51

The Xenomorph dog is a domesticated version of the Xenomorph, native to Planet 51. They are kept as pets by the Planet 51 natives.


It is much smaller than the common Xenomorph and walks on all fours. Another difference is the presence of dog-like ears and the fact it lacks the inner-mouth. A strange tradeoff it possess for acidic blood is acidic urine, as shown by one of these "dogs" peeing on a lamppost and melting it.


  • While the official scientific name for this xenomorph subspecies is unknown, it could be Internecivus raptus familiaris.
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