General Information
Homeworld Augstaka
Sapience Level Non-Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Ben 10 Universe

The Xenocytes are alien "leeches" artificially manufactured by the Highbreed and are mass-produced and attached to a host, which create what they are commonly known as the DNAliens.


As they attach to their host, they take over the personalities of the people they possess and control them (forcibly hacking their DNA). Within hours, the Xenocyte will completely cover the host's bodies transforming him into a DNAlien. Xenocytes eggs were created from an egg-laying machine. The eggs were hatched underwater in large artificial rivers (that look similar to the pools used to store radioactive material). After hatching, the Xenocytes are stored in boxes filled with DNAlien slime, probably to keep them fresh, considering that in the end of Max Out they were seen living in open air and many were shoved into wooden crates with seemingly no DNAlien slime it suggests that Xenocytes are amphibious lifeforms.


Kenneth Tennyson, Gwen Tennyson's older brother, was near to transforming into a DNAlien from a Xenocyte in Max Out. Towards the beginning of the same episode, a Xenocyte was close to attaching itself to Max Tennyson until he crushed it.

The Xenocyte eggs were going to ship out all throughout the country, but the Tennysons and Kevin Levin managed to stop that from happening. Towards the end of the episode, DNAliens, disguised as humans, were shown collecting the remains of the Xenocytes from the Highbreed base and throwing them in trash cans.


They are very strong and can shoot slime from there mouth which can stick to things.


They are weak against strong sonic vibrations.

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