The Xenexians are the humanoid natives of the planet Xenex. If Capt. Mackenzie Calhoun is any indication, Xenexians mostly resemble humans, but with eyes with irises that are a startling purple. Also, many Xenexians are apparently able to regulate their body temperature to a certain degree. Also some Xenexians such as Xyon of Calhoun have demonstrated low level psionic abilities, however since no other Xenexians with these abilities are ever referred to, it is likely the ability is either unique or rare. Xenexian names often use gutturals that offworlders find difficult to pronounce.

Young Xenexians often visited the a vast stretch of inhospitable terrain known as the Pit in a rite of passage known as "The Search for Allways" until the casualties became too high, at which point it became more of a highly-discouraged dare among Xenexian youth. The rites traditions dictated that the undertaker of the journey was to take supplies for one day. The goal of the Search was to be given a vision of one's future.

Xenexian priests taught a polytheistic religion that allowed for a place where the soul resided after death.

Xenexian women reach the peak of their fertile cycle once every three months. In Xenexian tratition, the Tribe leaders are permitted to provide a female with a child if they wish to conceive and do not have a mate. The Tribal leaders also practice ritual sex with adolescent females, although the goal is considered to be more a blessing then an attempt to fertilize. All sex is consensual during such rituals. Sometimes Chieftans are considered to be "breeding machines" for their tribe to increase numbers as needed. Anyone, including offworlds may make this request to a Xenexian Clan Chieftan, much as Dr Selar did to M'k'n'zy of Calhoun during her throes of Pon Farr.

The responsibilities of a clan chieftain follows along family lines; when a Chief is absent, the clan Warlord is permitted to assume leadership of the clan in their absence.

The Xenexian afterlife is called Kaz'hera. The Xenexians have a three-headed God of Lightning named J'e'n't.

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