General Information
Homeworld Xela
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe The Journey of Allen Strange Universe

The Xelans are an alien species from the planet Xela in the Shalex Solar System.

Physiology Edit

The Xelans are a metamorphic species undergoing four phases until they reach their mature stage.

The Source>The Seeker>The Nurturers>The Elders

Young Xelans are a race of shapeshifters and are the highest lifeform on Xela able to communicate with other creatures telepathically. They are energy beings able to utilize their abilities to make objects animate. Young Xelans are able to shape-shift to a degree, assuming the appearances of other races.

Culture Edit

They are a curious species, and undergo a lifelong system of learning. Young Xelans learn the basics of growing up and comunicating. Elders are the final stage of the Xelans and make all the decisions concerning the entire species as a whole in the Galactic Congress and are allowed to explore other worlds. They are a fair people who do not understand the notions of cheating and foul play, in fact all Xelan games their is no such things as winners or losers.

Xelan rest in vertical positions in a cocoon called a Lemorian Dream Pod. Using them for the three hours, resting, recharging and fun.

Xela education systems are vastly different, their equivalent are called Xelan Wisdom Treks which involves young Xelan wrapping themselves in crystals and launched into a black hole where the Xelans cell absorb information.

Sources Edit

  • The Journey of Allen Strange (TV Series)
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