Xarquids are a species created through the modification of the Earth's Nautilus species, apparently created by the Gillman. This was caused by feeding Nautiloids a diet of alien drugs and enhancing them with surgical alterations, followed up with an added mechanical control system so that none of the creature's original nature exists; they are now perverted beyond the scope of nature. Xarquids are considered beasts of great beauty and danger. These swift-swimming gargantuan creatures hide a devastating arsenal of weapons - as a smothering ink spray and an ionized particle blast. First encounters with these powerful creatures have made mankind wary over its power and its controllers. Strangely, Xarquids swim backwards in comparison to other Nautiloids, likely an enhancement to make their tentacles and other weapons face towards their foes.

Notes Edit

  • Mixed Crew missions have been known to use Xarquids on land such as the shipping lane missions. It's odd, but best treated as an oversight.
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