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The Wulgaru are an ancient and advance race of humanoids who had seeded much of life in galaxy with their own genes.

Biology Edit

They resemble Humans but have extremely long lives through the use of harvesting genes from other similar sapient beings. They seem pail compared to normal humans and have an insignia on top of their forehead when they control their ships. There seems to be two classes of Wulgaru, ones with free will and one without. The ones without freewill, Drones, as they call them are fill in the ranks of soldiers while the freewilled ones are mostly your generals and leaders.

Technology Edit

Wulgaru Technology is incredibly advance; having spent close to several million years exploring space through the use of their hyperspace gate technology. Their understanding of evolution and DNA has allowed them to create life on barren worlds. Ships commissioned in the Wulgaru fleet are organic in nature as they grow when being built and decomposed when they crash. Wulgaru warships are immensely powerful, capable of withstanding high intense lazer beams but seem to be vunerable to primitive kinetic battery.

History Edit

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