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World of goo corporation

World of Goo Corporation's main campus

World of Goo Corporation is a company on the World of Goo, which makes various products using Goo. Their main campus is also known as such. Eventually, after the World of Goo becomes 3D, the campus becomes known as My Virtual World of Goo Corporation, and after its destruction, Tower of Goo Memorial Park and Recreation Center.


World of Goo Corporation extracts Goo from various locations and turns them into products such as drinks and make-up. However, this causes the Goo population to thin and nearly go extinct.

After the reactivation of the Beauty Generator, they open a factory in the south. In this factory, they launch Product Z, which turns the World of Goo 3D. However, the residents of the planet are rendered incompatible with the planet, most likely because they are 2D by nature. This causes the player go to the Information Superhighway searching for technical support. Here the player meets MOM. The player undeletes every deleted spam mail in the Superhighway, and MOM sends all the mail to everyone at World of Goo Corporation, causing World of Goo Corporation to explode. This turns the world back into 2D, but releases a smog that blocks out the sky for a telescope.

The World of Goo Corporation campus itself is a dark building with several gears and other buildings farther away. There is a constant flow of air pollution from the building, causing a dark haze. In front of the building, a tower is being constructed of Goo Balls. After Product Z is launched, it becomes My Virtual World of Goo Corporation, and is turned a bright green. When the building is destroyed, it becomes the Tower of Goo Memorial Park and Recreation Center where the ruins of the building can be seen.


  • World of Goo (First appearance)