Woolamanders were curious social creatures that lived in the Massassi trees of the jungle moon of Yavin IV. They fed on fruit that would ferment in their rotund pot-bellies.


Their fur was colored blue and gold, though the fur of some troops was bright purple or dark green as well. They enjoyed pelting debris at moving targets below. Woolamanders were prey to piranha beetles and stintarils.

Males could often be heard belting out morning vocalizations with their baggy throat pouches. Caring and kind, Woolamander females gave birth to one young per litter. Safe in their mothers' powerful front claws, babies would become members of troops numbering 20 individuals.

A temple in the forests of Yavin 4 seems to have been erected in respect to the Woolamander species, earning itself the name Palace of the Woolamander due to the variety of statues and stone carvings created in their likeness. The creatures seem to be unusually protective of the structure and are known to attack anyone who gets too close to it.

The bones of the Harrower subspecies were said to be excellent material for making armor, especially Reinforced Insulated Sheath armor.



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