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The Wookiees (\wʊkiː\) are a race of large bipedal creatures, native to Kashyyyk. They are strong and covered in fur.



A Wookie's face

The Wookiees, whose name for themselves translates to the People of the Trees, are a species of hairy bipedal humanoids that are inhabitants of the planet Kashyyyk.

The Wookiees' natural habitat is the dense forests of the planet Kashyyyk (though one source does contend that they are immigrants to this planet). Kashyyyk is covered with massive wroshyr trees, in which the Wookiees construct their homes and cities. Reportedly, Wookiees are descended from tree-climbing mammals.

They have the ability to easily learn most languages. However, Wookiees lack the vocal structure to speak anything other than their own languages.

Adult Wookiees are tall, in excess of two meters in height, and are covered with a uniform, mid-length coat of thick hair in various shades of brown. Although albino Wookiees are rare, they're not unheard of. However, such a birth is generally held to be a bad omen, as white hair does not blend in with the earth-tones of their forest surroundings.

Young Wookiees (pups) are large at birth (averaging slightly less than one meter). Wookiees possess vicious-looking retractable claws for climbing. Female Wookiees have six breasts and give birth to live-born young, with their gestation period being nearly a year long. After birth, a Wookiee grows very fast, being fully conscious and able to walk unassisted within one standard year. The average lifespan of Wookiees is around 400 years. In spite of their bestial appearance, Wookiees are highly intelligent and have mastered advanced technology, including hyperspace travel. Wookiees also possess exceptional skill in mechanical repair. An old saying is: Give a Wookiee a knife and send him into a forest in the morning, and by evening he will have carved you a table to eat dinner on - and a house to put it in.

Culture and society[]


A group of Wookiees

One of the most well-known Wookiee traditions is the life debt. When a Wookiee's life is saved by someone else, even a non-Wookiee, they will frequently devote themselves to a lifetime of service to their savior and their family.

The most common Wookiee language is Shyriiwook , a.k.a. Wookieespeak. While they're capable of understanding Basic, they're universally incapable of speaking it due to their unique vocal structure. Shyriiwook as a language is hard to hear and understand for Humans, but one Wookiee, Ralrracheen, had a speech impediment that made it easier for non-Wookiees familiar with Shyriiwook to understand him. Other Wookiee languages are the Thykaran, considered a dialect spoken by natives, and the Xaczik.

Wookiees possess a fierce style of fighting, typically eschewing standard blasters and grenades in favor of bladed weapons, such as ryyk blades, as with the Berserkers, and powerful bowcasters—weapons that physically weaker species cannot use effectively.

Their fierce fighting style serves as the basis of the Deal-slang expression "wookinate" which refers to rendering an enemy harmless using excessive force, obviously referring to the great physical strength that provides the essence of Wookiee combat.

Under the Wookiee code of honor, claws are never to be used in combat. A Wookiee who uses his or her claws for combat will be labeled a madclaw and exiled. Around the age of twelve, young Wookiees undergo the coming-of-age Hrrtayyk ceremony.


Early history[]

The Wookiees are believed to have originated on the planet Kashyyyk, part of the Kashyyyk system, though some of their lore seems to claim otherwise. In the millennia before the rise of the Galactic Republic, Kashyyyk was a member world of the Infinite Empire. Its surface was terraformed by the Rakata for agricultural purposes, but the collapse of their empire left the machines unattended, resulting in the abnormally large foliage.

Later, Kashyyyk was discovered by Czerka Corporation, which enslaved the native Wookiees. They named the planet first "G5-623" and then, after a poll of stockholders, "Edean". Czerka control of "Edean" was disrupted when, in 3,956 BBY, the enslaved Wookiee populace overthrew the local corporate headquarters with the help of Revan and drove all outsiders off the planet. It was presumably some time after this before Kashyyyk decided to join the Galactic Republic.

Later history[]

At the advice of the Trandoshans, the Empire enslaved the Wookiees for their strength. Wookiee captives were used for countless Imperial projects including the Maw Installation and the Death Stars. However, because of their devotion to their homeworld, many Wookiees would evade the Imperial garrison to revisit their beloved forests for important Wookiee holidays, such as Life Day.

After the Battle of Endor, the Wookiees were liberated from slavery by the Alliance of Free Planets. The Nagai also attempted to enslave the species though they were repulsed by the New Republic. Sadly, the peace was short-lived. The Empire, having licked its wounds, quickly reestablished a presence on Kashyyyk and enslaved the Wookiees once more.

The Wookiees were represented by Kerrithrarr in the New Republic Senate and Kashyyyk became key signatory and member world of the Inner Council. The planet also welcomed trade and its city of Thikkiiana became a major exporter of computer technology. However, this made it the target of the agents of the Second Imperium in 23 ABY. A task force under Zekk raided Thikkiiana's computer stores for use by the Second Imperium in its war against the New Republic.

During the Yuuzhan Vong War, the Wookiees would still continue to serve the New Republic and its successor government the Galactic Alliance. After the liberation of Coruscant, celebrations took place on the planet.